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Fiberglass Pump Strainers for Swimming Pools, Aquariums, Waterparks and Fountain Applications Swimming Pool Strainer Housings are fiberglass reinforced plastic construction, pressure tested to 50 PSI. Features include : Isophthalic fiberglass resin, quick opening latches, see thru lid, 316 stainless steel v-wire basket with 3/16 square holes and 62% open area. Many alternate basket materials and opening types ( perforations) are available. For seawater service (as opposed to pool water with salt added for chlorine generation or aquariums) we suggest duplex stainless steelĀ  (2205 alloy) or hastalloy. Strainers are supplied with flanged connections drilled to 150 lb. ANSI standard.

Fiberglass Pump Strainers for Corrosive, Chemical Resistant Industrial Application The basic design and configuration of our strainers can be upgraded for use in higher temperature, pressure and corrosive environments. Premium vinyester resins are suitable for up to 260 F fluids. Extreme variations from acid to alkali are easily handled. Bolted and gasketed fiberglass lids are used for higher temperature and pressure applications. Baskets are available in duplex stainless steel, monel, hastalloy and titanium. Numerous perforation configurations are available.
Basket & Housing Will Not Corrode
Fiberglass and stainless steel components assure that all wetted parts will not rust. Overall dimensions conform to existing metal strainer configurations for simple field replacement of existing corroded metal units.

Also Available As A Reducing Strainer
The outlet size can be sized smaller than the inlet to allow line size reduction to pump suction size. Also, a larger strainer bodies can be fitted with smaller inlet and outlet sizes if a larger basket is desired for extra capacity and longer times between cleaning.

Lid - Swimming Pool

Clear acrylic lid allows inspection of basket without opening strainer. On 14" and larger strainers the lid is FRP with an 8" diameter acrylic view port.

Lid - Corrosion
If the acrylic lid is not suitable we supply fiberglass lids made of the same resin as the strainer body.

Lower Losses - Increased Time Between Cleaning
The FO Series strainers are built with a large outlet area in the basket chamber. This results in very low pressure losses initially and much greater debris loading before the pressure drop across the strainer rises to the point where cleaning is required.

Materials of Construction
  • Body - Isophthalic Fiberglass
  • Lid - Acrylic
  • Eye Bolts - Stainless Steel
  • Hand Knobs - ABS w/ Bronze Inserts
  • "O" Ring - Ethylene Propylene
  • Basket - 316 Stainless Steel V-Wire
  • Vinylester Fiberglass
  • Acrylic or Fiberglass
  • Special Alloy
  • Same or Bolted
  • Same or Gasket
  • Special Alloy as Required