Model PoolLink® 1000 Series – microprocessor based proportional dosing chemical treatment controller.

Model PoolLink® 1100 – 1000 model with Super Chlorination, date and time functionality, temperature monitoring and external alarm interface.

Model PoolLink® 1200 – 1100 with thermal dot matrix printer, a full range of interval and specific request printing functions.

Model PoolLink® 1300 – 1100 with an internal modem and the Sitelink ™ PC based central monitoring and control software

True Proportional Dosing – PoolLink® 1000 Series performs continuous monitoring and correction of pH and sanitizer according to your present levels.

Ease of Use – No knobs, or screwdriver adjustments to make. All values are entered with a simple keypad. The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) shows the current pH, ORP, ppm, and temperature. The operation that the controller is currently performing is also displayed.

Three-level Controls (EZLink Menus)

1. Puts manual feed control and offset standardization right at your fingertips

2. User Menu provides access to basic operating functions – allowing the ideal pH, sanitizer settings and other primary operational functions to be adjusted within preset alarm or operational limits.

3. Service Menu is accessed with a special keystroke combination – allowing the supervisor to set the control mode, set or alter alarms values and have full programming access.

Advanced Features

The time it takes chemicals to completely mix into the water varies from pool to pool and spa to spa. Without some method of accounting for this variance, a controller that works well on a large pool may overdose on spas. Thus, PoolLink® incorporates separate and adjustable mixing times for pH and sanitizer. This Dynamic Proportional Mix Compensated (DPMC) control, lends to the precise treatment of any size body of water.

Calibrations (Offsets) to compensate for probe drift are done through the microprocessor – which does not change probe slope characteristics. A complete and separate alternative chlorination setpoint can be pro­grammed for Super-Chlorination or a second ideal setting. Operators may schedule what weekday and time to start alternative chlorination, in addition to how long to use the alternative chlorination setpoint.

Remote Monitoring and Operation

Since PoolLink® is microprocessor based it can be linked to a computer – down the hall or on another continent. Sitelink ™ is a PC based program designed specifically for remote communication with Link Automation equipment. Everything that can be done from the faceplate can be done from your office or home.

Direct access to the PoolLink® 1300 over a phone line or RS-232 connection will give the operator up-to-the-second information. The current chemistry levels, alarm settings, and controller history is just a phone call away. The entire set of operating parameters can be transferred to the PC for review and alteration, then sent back to the PoolLink® 1300. Sitelink allows the operator to scroll through PoolLink®  menu structure and alter settings just as is done in the equipment room.

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