132 Commercial Pool Sand Filter Systems

MER-MADE's rugged fiberglass tanks are a breakthrough in filter manufacture. These long life tanks are designed for 50 psi working pressure in three different diameters and a variety of lengths, with filter areas up to 23.7 square feet.


Filtration is the physical process of removing solids through a substrate. If not eliminated those solids can interfere with and impede the water purifying process. Mer-Made utilizes a multimedia substrate for our sand filters. Two grades of gravel below a top level sand bed provide proven industry-leading water clarity.

How it Works

Solids are captured in the filter bed itself while solid particles lodge in the extremely small spaces and voids between the sand grains and lotions and oils tend to cling to the grains of filter sand.  Gravel/stone serves as a barrier which prevents the sand from washing through the effluent header into the pool during the filter cycle and also to distribute the flow of water uniformly to the underside of the sand bed during the backwash cycle.


Single tank
Dual tank
Multiple tank



14 GPM under rates

15 GPM per sq. ft.

More Information

  • Variety of filter areas
  • Stackable
  • Numerous Face Piping Arrangements

All Mer-Made filter Systems are certified by NSF international and ANSI/NSF standard 50 for pool and spa applications.

  • Filter tanks are manufactured from fiberglass using heavy woven cloth as necessary for strength and have a minimum wall thickness of 0.3″. Filter tanks are designed for 50 psi working pressure with a safety factor of 4 to 1. They are factory tested at 75 psi. The effluent header is designed so that uniform collection of filtered water and distribution of backwash water is provided under the entire media area. The pipe is slotted PVC. The total area of slots in the filter is equal to (4) times the area of the inlet pipe. The orifices in top laterals are equal to (7) times the area of the inlet pipe. The filter tank is provided with 12″ x 16″ fiberglass elliptical manway with gasket, yoke, and bolt cover which is sealed by internal pressure. The filter is designed for a filter rate of up to 14 GPM per square foot of filter area and a backwash rate of 15 GPM per square foot of filter area.

    Standard Features

    • 10 sq. ft. to 23.7 sq. ft. of filter area
    • (2) tank support saddles
    • Manufactured with a minimum wall thickness of 0.3”
    • 50 psi working pressure with a safety factor of 4 to 1 and tested to 75 psi
    • (1) 12 X 16 gasketed man-way sealed by internal pressure
    • 4″ sch 40 PVC slotted under-drain headers
    • 4″ sch 80 PVC inlet header with diffusers

    Optional Features

    • Multiple Face piping configurations
    • Stacked or side by side configurations
    • Custom Configurations
    • 4″ sch 80 PVC underdrain header with laterals

    To receive cad drawings, quotes or additional product information please contact us.

    Industry leading 15-year warranty





    Sand Filter Model A” Length of Tank Face Piping Diameter Filter Area in
    SQ. FT.
    “B” “C” “D” “E”
    132-52 58″ 4″ 10 20″ 22″ 16″ X
    132-64 69″ 4″ 12.6 20″ 34″ 15″ X
    132-74 82″ 4″ 15.9 20″ 45″ 17″ X
    132-94 99″ 4″ 19.3 20″ 62″ 17″ X
    132-114 119″ 4″ 23.7 20″ X 17″ 41″

    Saddle Footprint=5″ wide x 28″ long

    Bags of 100 LB. Filter Media Required
    Filter Media Model 132-52 Model 132-64 Model 132-74 Model 132-94 Model 132-114
    Bottom Layer
    1/4″ X 1/2″ Stone
    1.5 1.75 2 2.5 3.5
    Second Layer
    1/8″ X 1/4″ Stone
    1.75 2 3 3.5 4
    Third Layer
    1.0 – 1.2 MM Sand
    2.25 3 3.5 4.5 5.25
    Top Layer
    0.45 – 0.55 MM Sand
    7.5 9.5 12 14 17.5
    Total Bags 13 16.25 20.5 24.5 30.5


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