Level Control Valve System


The LEVEL CONTROL VALVE SYSTEM, complete with PILOT VALVE and accessories, will maintain the appropriate tank operating water level. The system is tight closing on shut-off. Items #1-#5 are supplied by MER-MADE FILTER.


1. The LEVEL CONTROL VALVE (LCV) AND ACTUATOR is a sprint-to-close type that will open when pressure is applied to the underside of the diaphragm.

2. The BRASS PILOT VALVE acts as a controller.  As the water level in the tank drops, the pilot valve bleeds off less water from the supply line, thereby increasing pressure on the diaphragm, opening the LCV & allowing more water to flow through the influent line into the tank.  The converse of this happens when the water level rises in the tank.

3. The 1/2″ INLINE STRAINER helps to keep small particles out of the system.

4. The 1/2″ BRASS NEEDLE VALVE allows for finer control of valve opening & closing.

5. The 0-60 LB., 2-1/2″ PRESSURE GAUGE provides you with the supply pressure.


A modulating type valve shall be installed on the tank inlet line.  The valve shall be spring-closed, pressure-open diaphragm type with the operating pressure being supplied by an external water (optional air) source, minimum 20 psi.  The valve shall be controlled by a pilot float valve installed in the tank.  The system shall come complete with needle valve, inline strainer & pressure gauge.  System to be supplied by MER-MADE FILTER, INC.

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