Strainer Specifications


Strainer shall be constructed completely of non-corrodible materials. Body shall be all fiberglass construction incorporating a .100″ corrosion liner on all interior surfaces and flange faces. Liner shall be constructed of one layer of resin-rich “C” veil, followed by two layers of 11/2 oz. fiber glass mat. Structure to be four layers of 11/2 oz. glass mat, impregnated with isophthalic polyester resin.

Inlet and outlet to be flanged connections, flange to be 3/4″ thick drilled to 150# ANSI standard drilling pattern. Lid to be manufactured of clear acrylic to allow unobstructed visual inspection of basket*. Stainless steel toggle bolts are to be built into the top of the strainer body. Fiberglass knobs on these bolts clamp the acrylic cover tightly. Three bolts are immovable while one** bolt drops away after loosening knob. The clear lid shall be grooved to allow it to swing open after dropping one toggle. Lid shall be sealed with an ethylene propylene “O” ring.

Strainer is to be built with an outlet structure to enlarge the opening in the basket chamber. Outlet area of the basket chamber shall be a minimum of four times the area of the inlet pipe. Designs similar to a pipe cross, with the outlet of the basket chamber being a nozzle similar to the inlet, are not acceptable.

Supply a V-wire 316 stainless steel basket with 3/16″ square openings and 62% open area. Supply one spare basket for change-out.

Strainer to be FO Series as manufactured by MER-MADE Filter, Inc.

Option – reducing strainer

Strainer outlet shall reduce to pump suction size by use of a full concentric*** reducing station.

*NOTE: 14″ and larger strainers are built with a fiberglass lid which includes an 8″ diameter clear acrylic view port.

**NOTE: Two bolts drop away on 12″ and larger models.

***NOTE: Eccentric reducing sections also available – specify if so desired.

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