About Mer-Made Filter

Mer-Made is a major provider of standard and custom-made commercial pool filtration products for the modern market. The company is headquartered in Denmark, South Carolina. The company produces the finest in commercial sand filter systems, fiberglass pool and industrial pump strainers, vacuum diatomaceous earth filters, modulating float valves, and many more innovative products.

Why Choose Us?

As the world leader in the design and development of commercial pool filtration systems and a leading supplier of commercial sand filter systems, Mer-Made leads the way in innovation and design. Our extensive catalog of fiberglass pool and industrial pump strainers, level control (positive-sealing) valves, flanged reducers, one-piece and segmented balance tanks, and custom fabrications make Mer-Made an ideal partner for all your filtration system needs. Our commitment to customer service and our passion for quality means that the best is our standard.

Part of the North American Filtration Family of Companies

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