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    Surge and Balance Tanks

Shown in the center of a white background, mermade filter's fiberglass surge and balance tank for commercial pool applications. It is a tall cylinder with a domed top, a large manway and two pipe connections on the left and one pipe connection on the right

Surge tanks are generally required on gutter pools to allow a “storage” space (surge capacity) for water displaced by swimmers. The preferred arrangement is to hold-back (modulate) the water from the main drain pipe so that water entering the gutters can flow to the surge tank and not back-up in the pool. This is done with a float ball control on a butterfly type modulating valve, mounted on the main drain line. Modulating the main drain line ensures that the debris that normally accumulates on the surface of the pool will be swept quickly to the filters. The surge tank is a closed top tank and must be vented to a point above pool water level.

  • the NSF/ANSI Standard seal, blue circle with white letters that say
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