Shown in this image is the Mermade Filter 300 and 500 series commercial pool automatic chemical controllers . It is a rectangular, black and grey box and a small screen with 7 programming buttons and a small digital display. It says

Automatic Chemical & Backwash Controllers

Mer-Made Automatic Chemical and Backwash Systems make managing chemicals and water chemistry simple.

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mermade filter's fiberglass reducer line shown against a white background

Commercial Pool Reducers

Concentric or eccentric reducers are used to properly reduce into and out of circulating pumps.

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Mermade Filter's commercial pool sand filter Maneay.

Commercial Pool Sand Filters

MER-MADE's rugged fiberglass tanks are a breakthrough in filter manufacturing. These long life tanks are designed for 50 psi working pressure in three different diameters

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mermade filter's line of commercial fiberglass basket strainers against a white background

Mermade Fiberglass-Reinforced Basket Strainers

Swimming Pool Strainer Housings have fiberglass reinforced plastic construction, pressure tested to 50 PSI.

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Mermade Filter's dual float modulating float valve shown against a white background

Modulating Float Valves

Float valves are used primarily inside surge tanks to self-regulate flow. When high bather loads create displaced water or a surge, commonly found in competition and large body pools.

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This image is of a white background, mermade filter's fiberglass surge and balance tank for commercial pool applications. It is a tall cylinder with a domed top, a large manway and two pipe connections on the left and one pipe connection on the right

Surge and Balance Tanks

Surge tanks are generally required on gutter pools to allow a “storage” space (surge capacity) for water displaced by swimmers.

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