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    Mermade Fiberglass-Reinforced Basket Strainers

Swimming Pool Strainer Housings have fiberglass reinforced plastic construction, pressure tested to 50 PSI. Features include : Isophthalic fiberglass resin, stainless steel lid bolts, transparent clear swing open acrylic lid, 316 stainless steel v-wire basket with 3/16” square welded openings standard, and large open areas. Many alternate basket materials and opening sizes are available. For seawater service (with salt added for chlorine generation or aquariums as opposed to pool water) we suggest duplex stainless steel (2205 alloy) or Hastelloy. Strainers are supplied with flanged connections drilled to 150 lb. ANSI standard. Reducing Strainers incorporate “true length” reducer dimensions to ensure proper transition velocity, which, if shorter, could be detrimental to the pump.

FO Fiberglass Pump Strainers

The FO (Full-Outlet) Series basket chamber has a large open area to allow water to flow all through the basket, minimizing pressure loss and maximizing time between cleaning.

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LP Series Fiberglass Pump Strainers

LP Series is Low Profile FRP Basket Strainers. Bolted and gasketed fiberglass lids are used for higher temperature and pressure applications.

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Marlow Fiberglass Pump Strainer Baskets

M” Series strainers are the replacement for the Marlow C10X and D10X cast iron strainers.

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S-Series Fiberglass Pump Strainer Baskets

“S” Series strainers are the replacement for the Sta-Rite PKG 184 and PKG 98 cast iron strainers.

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T-Style Fiberglass Pump Strainer

T-Style strainers offer a lower-cost alternative for services that have a lighter debris load and require infrequent cleanings.

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