• mermade filter's fiberglass reducer line shown against a white background

    Fiberglass Reducers

Mermade Commercial Pool Fiberglass Reducers

Concentric or eccentric reducers are used to properly reduce into and out of circulating pumps. Pump connections are usually smaller than the lines coming to and from the pump. Bushings should not be used to accomplish this reduction as they cause excessive pressure loss and water turbulence. MER-MADE reducers are made to two different overall lengths, depending on the reducer size to allow for standardization. Shorter or longer lengths can be made special order to fit a specific situation. The reducers are rated to 50 psi pressure rating and the flanges are flat face with 150 lb ANSI drilling patterns.

Me rmade Filter's fiberglass commercial pool reducers against a white background
close up detail of Mermade Filter's fiberglass commercial pool reducer bolt circle against a white background

Engineering principles dictate the shape. Eccentric, having the axis away from the center, reducers are used under suctions, meaning before the pump. Concentric shares the same center, reducers are used under vacuum, meaning after the pump. These reduce in size to match the size of the incoming pipe connecting to the pump suction flange and the pipe size connecting to the pump discharge flange.

Mer-Made’s fiberglass reducers are much more heavy duty than molded PVC reducers and utilize integral flanges which resist cracking if slightly over tightened.

Drilling pattern under specifications needs to be downloadable and does not need to be under specifications (see general comments)

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This image shows a Mer-made Filter fiberglass reducer installed on a pool filter pump and strainer basket in a filter room.
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