100 Series Chemical Treatment Controller

Provides water that is consistently balanced and pleasant for swimmers

Specifically designed for commercial pools and spas. PoolLink® 100 Series automates control of pH and ORP/ ppm levels. A specialized microcomputer is at the heart of every PoolLink®. This technology allows the controller to perform complex and exceptionally accurate control functions with the added benefit of versatility, easy set-up, and operation. PoolLink® 100 series is reliable and on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long.

  • PoolLink® 100 Series performs continuous monitoring and correction of pH and sanitizer according to your present levels. Incremental testing and treatment, based on this demand, is called proportional dosing, Proportional dosing results in far more precise and economical water treatment than manual and set-point systems can provide.

    PoolLink® 100 Series will provide water that is consistently balanced and pleasant for swimmers. It will reduce the time spent manually testing and correcting pool chemistry, freeing time for other duties. Because proportional dosing reduces changes in chemistry which use or require more chemicals, operations often see reductions in chemical use of 20 to 40%.

    All choices and values are entered with a simple 4 button keypad. The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) shows the current pH, ORP and CI/ppm. Dosing action being taken by the controllers is also displayed on the LCD.

    Three-level Controls (EZLink Menus)

    1. Puts manual feed control and offset standardization right at your fingertips

    2. User Menu provides access to basic operating functions – allowing the ideal pH, sanitizer settings and other primary operational functions to be adjusted within preset alarm or operational limits.

    3. Service Menu is accessed with a special keystroke combination – allowing the supervisor to set the control mode, set or alter alarms values and have full programming access.

    Advanced Features

    PoolLink®  100 Series can be operated as a proportional or basic set-point controller. It can operate under ORP or ppm control and display values in ORP, CI/ppm or both. Features alarms that can be set and activated at the operator’s discretion. Many additional functions are user-selectable.

    In the event of a power loss, PoolLink® 100 series retains all alarm values and settings in microcomputer memory and an internal timer with no battery replacement.

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    100 Series Chemical Treatment

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  • pH Range 4.0 – 10.0

    pH Display Resolution 0.1

    ORP Range 0 – 1000 mV

    ORP Display Resolution – 1mV

    CI/ppm Range 0.1 – 12.0+ ppm

    CI/ppm Display Resolution 0.1 ppm

    Input Power  – 120 VAC 60 Hz, 1/8 Amp, excluding pumps, 3 wire grounded plug GFCI source required.

    Output Power – (2) switched 3-wire grounded outlets, 120 VAC 60 Hz, 6 Amps cumulative, fused

    Display – 2 x 16 character back-lit LCD digital display, multi-color flashing LED indicator

    Enclosure – ABS NEMA 12 with hinged cover and latching device

    Size – 9.0” x 7.3” x 3.4”

    Weight 3.0lbs

    Selectable Parameters included:

    • Proportional, set-point, or manual chemical feed
    • Ideal pH, ORP, and CI/pp, settings
    • Upper and lower alarm limits to establish acceptable operating range for pH, ORP and CI/ppm
    • CI/ppm display dependent on pH (or assume pH is 7.5)
    • pH dosing either acid or base
    • Sanitizer control either CI/ppm or ORP
    • Standard 1-minute cycle and 0.5 ppm span for CI/ppm control (20mV span for ORP control)
    • Programmable cycle and span for proportional feed
    • Lag compensation with DPMC control
    • Safety lockouts for excessive or insufficient feed
    • Visual alarms for out-of-range or non-correctable conditions

    Options and Accessories

    • pH and ORP Probes
    • Chemical pumps and actuators
    • Flow switch ready pre-write
    • Piston and rotary flow switches
    • DPMC control software
    • Bypass lines
    • Probe sample chambers
    • Installation pluming kits

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