Link 300 & 500 Series

The Link 300 Series is a high quality, low-cost transmitter designed to give water treatment engineers superior communications, PID Control options, and proactive sensor maintenance

The LINK 500 series is the big brother to the LINK 300 series and offers more sensors connections, more functionally and more flexibility with a color screen and optional built-in 3G modem. The eLINK 500 Series is a reasonable price, top of the range instrument controller. Optional packages allow Profibus, Modbus, ASCII, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, and others.

  • Series 300 V3

    Incorporating New Sensor Technologies, the Series 300 controllers offer a superior resolution of sensor readings, coupled with our new PID control Parameters, offering unmatched water quality in an economical form factor. It is high quality at the lowest cost with features that include multilingual, high-resolution grayscale dispel, 9 buttons for easy navigation, graphing and data logging. Enclosed with wall, panel, pipe or pole, mounting, IP65/Nema 4x.

     Available in the following configurations.

    • ORP/pH
    • Free ppm/pH
    • ORP/pH/ppm
    • Salt Generator based control also available. Treatment Specialties offers a unique solution that allows for a backup feed system to initiate when the salt system cannot keep up with demands, allowing for unfettered water quality

    Series 500V3

    Series 500 controllers offer the reliable performance of the 300 series and configurations mentioned above but also features a high-resolution color display, intuitive user interface, customizable home pages, downloadable data logs, up to 4 sensors and expandable to 16 sensors. The significant difference between the 300 & 500 series is the 500 series adds remote communication via:

    • Ethernet
    • GPRS modem
    • Modbus via LAN or Modbus interface Card
    • Other BMS-type communications

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