Vacuum Diatomite Filter Assemblies


Mer-Made Vacuum Diatomaceous Earth Filter Assemblies are a very efficient and compact type of filtration. VDE systems are also approved by government agencies for potable water treatment. The purpose of this type of filter is to keep the water clean and clear by removing debris, algae, cysts, and other particles that make the water cloudy.   The Mer-Made VDE assembly can be installed in a space about one-fourth of the size required for sand filters of the same capacity. In both operation and maintenance, the D.E. system is easier to install, uses the least amount of horsepower, and is lower in cost over the life of the filtration system. 
A VDE assembly is composed of multiple filter leaves (aka grids or elements).  The Mer-Made assembly is furnished complete and ready to install in a field fabricated concrete or metal filter tank. Mer-Made also manufactures custom-built fiberglass rectangular tanks to hold our assemblies. An assembly includes the required number of leaves based on filtration rate with mating covers and gaskets, a PVC manifold pipe with fitted adapters, stainless steel hold down bars and wall hardware, leaf clamps, and optional manifold support brackets. 
  • Why diatomaceous earth filters work so well

    VDE filters are efficient and capable of capturing particles down to 3-5 microns; well below what can be seen with the naked eye.  Sand filters can clean to 25-30 microns. The average grain of table salt is 40 microns. DE filtration may be used in municipal potable water treatment and is effective for filtering out giardia and cryptosporidium.
    Diatomaceous earth (D.E.) is what does the filtering. D.E., a white powder graded specifically for pool use, is a sedimentary rock composed of chemically inert fossilized skeletal remains of microscopic algae-like organisms called diatoms. Under a microscope, diatoms appear like tiny sponges, thus capturing minute particles of dirt, oil and other impurities. The filter leaves which are enclosed by fabric covers are the receptacle for the powder.  Dissolved D.E. powder is added to an operating filter tank. When it reaches the fine mesh covered leaves, the powder stops, coating the grid. Water passes through the D.E., the cover, and the leaf leaving behind the debris trapped in the D.E. powder. The result is exceptionally clear and clean water.

    The Mer-Made filter leaf

    The heart of our assembly is the patented Mer-Made filter leaf which is manufactured of chemically inert, high impact styrene.  Mer-Made filter leaves are rigid, strong, non-warping, and feature unique corrugated drainage channels. The leaf outlet and gasket assure a leak-proof seal against the matching adapter on the PVC filtered water discharge manifold. The Mer-Made filter leaf cover is made of woven linear polypropylene and is designed to lie completely flat on all points of the filter chamber for uniform pre-coating. All edges are sealed to prevent unraveling and a Velcro closure facilitates easy field replacement.

    Conserve resources with a V.D.E. system

    VDE can be considered a ‘green’ filtration system conserving resources, reducing waste, and saving money.  D.E. systems have a longer filtration cycle when compared to equivalent sand filter systems.  Depending on the use of the pool, a D.E. system may be operational for 30, 60, or 90 days before requiring cleaning.  D.E. filters are not backwashed, thus use very little water compared to backwash cycles on sand filters which use thousands of gallons of water. There are significant long-term savings in energy costs as a VDE system will typically require a pump approximately one-half the horsepower of a comparable sand filter system.

    Mer-Made Products

    Let Mer-Made Filter design a complete VDE assembly based on your pool’s volume and required turn-over rate or provide a retrofit for an existing filter tank. Mer-Made offers an extensive range of filter leaves from 12 square feet up to 40 square feet.
    Mer-Made sells complete VDE assemblies, filter leaves with covers, filter leaves only or covers only. Configurations for leaves include: center bottom outlet, corner outlet, and dual outlet for our 48” x 60” leaf. We offer replacement leaves and covers for some other popular brands and can provide custom covers based on your specifications.

    To receive CAD drawings, quotes or additional product information please contact us.

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    Manifold with Adaptors
    The PVC filtered water discharge manifold comes with a fitted adaptor for each filter leaf, an end plug and flange. The adaptors and end plug are supplied attached. The flange is supplied loose. Manifold size is selected for each project, based on maximum system flow.
    Leaf Clamp Assembly
    The leaf clamp assembly assures precise spacing and individual leaf removal using permanent positioning clamps mounted on angles. All metal parts are stainless steel including mounting clips, nuts, bolts and lags.
    Manifold Support Clamps
    Manifold support clamps have adjustable legs suitable for sloped bottom tanks. One manifold support clamp is recommended for every eight leaves in a filter bank. Fiberglass is standard. Stainless steel is also available.

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