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MER-MADE's rugged fiberglass tanks are a breakthrough in filter manufacture. These long life tanks are designed for 50 psi working pressure in two different diameters and a variety of lengths, with filter areas up to 81.6 square feet.
Strainer Housings are schedule fiberglass reinforced plastic construction, pressure tested to 50 PSI. Features include: quick opening latches, see thru lid, 316 stainless steel v-wire basket. Fiberglass pump strainers are supplied with flanged connections drilled to 150 lb. ANSI standard.
D.E. filtration is excellent for removing giardia and cryptosporidium. MerMade D.E. filter assemblies installed in a field fabricated concrete filter tank require ¼ the space, ½ the horsepower and can be installed for ½ the cost of a comparable sand media filter system.
Modulating or float valves are used in surge tanks or vacuum D.E. filter tanks when the top of the tank is at an elevation above the maximum pool water level. In this type system the water level in the surge/filter tank will rise to the same level as the pool water level when the system is shut down.