• mermade filter's marlow fiberglass pump strainer basket against a white background

    Marlow Fiberglass Pump Strainer Baskets

This image shows a mermade Filter Strainer Basket from the top looking down into the body where you can see a stainless steel perforated basket inside. This is blue fiberglass and used to filter commercial pool debris.

The basic design and configuration of our strainers can be upgraded for use in higher temperature, pressure and corrosive environments. Premium vinyl ester resins are suitable for up to 260 F fluids. Extreme variations from acid to alkali are easily handled. Bolted and gasketed fiberglass lids are used for higher temperature and pressure applications. Baskets are available in duplex stainless steel, monel, hastalloy, and titanium. Numerous perforation configurations are available.

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Mer-Made FRP Stainer Basket Operation and Maintenance Manual 134.26kB Preview Download
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Mermade Filter Marlow Replacement M-Series FRP Strainer Basket Replacement Dimensional Data Chart 928.50kB Preview Download