Typical Aquatic strainer housings are fiberglass reinforced plastic construction; pressure tested to 50 PSI. Features include isophthalic fiberglass resin, quick opening latches, see-thru lid, 316 stainless steel v-wire basket with 3/16 square holes and 62% open area. Many alternate basket materials and opening types ( perforations) are available. For seawater service (as opposed to pool water with salt added for chlorine generation or aquariums) we suggest duplex stainless steel (2205 alloy) or Hastelloy. Strainers are supplied with flanged connections FO Flow Diagramdrilled to 150 lb. ANSI standard.

The FO (Full-Outlet) Series basket chamber has a large open area to allow water flow all through the basket, minimizing pressure loss and maximizing time between cleaning.  This flow pattern utilizes more basket area so that debris does not plug up in a circular area at the exit of the pipe

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